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Jewelry Techniques for Beginners

This is a hands-on course which teaches jewelry techniques one-on-one under the supervision of an experienced professional jewelry designer and instructor.

You will learn how to work with metals using the following key jewelry techniques: sawing, filing, sanding, texturing, hard and soft soldering, riveting, polishing, assembling, and basic cabochon and prong stone setting. At the same time, you will learn how to correctly and safely handle jewelry tools and equipment.

Student creating her own piece of jewelry under the instruction of Vladimir Deming

Multimedia Jewelry Techniques

Prerequisite to this course: Hand-Crafted Jewelry Techniques for Beginners at The Little Studio, or some experience in jewelry-making.

Design your own piece of unique jewelry using a combination of various types of materials (multimedia) like metal, shell, stones, glass, organic glass, leather and other natural or man-made materials to make a piece of jewelry of your choice.