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Vladimir Deming, the instructor in The Little Studio

Vladimir Deming

Founder and Instructor

This is a well-equipped Educational Studio which offers personalized Artisan and Professional Hand-Crafted Classes for people who want to acquire an interesting hobby or start a new profession. Lessons are developed to give students a strong base of knowledge so they can work independently after the course.

As the Instructor, I opened this Studio in 2006 and have been teaching here students of all ages, as well as working on my own projects. The overall aims of my lessons, no matter which course, are first, to teach students how to safely and correctly use tools and equipment, as well as to share my knowledge of a wide variety of tools, materials and equipment that can be used, their sources,
and the methods of connecting them mechanically, regardless of shapes and sizes.


I emphasize in my courses the possibility of utilizing materials and objects which surround us, and which people often overlook not knowing they can be used creatively in their work. Also, when I teach techniques, I help students with their designs, stressing attention on composition, proportions and colors which strongly influences the beauty of an object.

All of this together result in a creative, exciting and dynamic learning atmosphere. ​I invite you to my Studio to see the environment, equipment, work samples and the photos of work of previous students. 

My Professional Background

After receiving training as a young man under my father’s guidance working on designing and hand-producing jewelry for theaters and movies, I entered the Academy of Industrial Art in St. Petersburg, Russia where graduated with a Master’s Degree of Decorative Art. I began my career as an industrial designer, but my interest, and eventually my main occupation, evolved towards antique restoration and the designing and hand-production of costume jewelry. 

I emigrated from Russia in 1975. Prior to my transition to the U.S., I worked for the Vienna Opera House in Austria creating stage jewelry. In my first two years in the U.S., I worked in New York City as a jewelry designer for Gemveto Jewelry Co. and Carvin French Jewelry.

I developed my own antique restoration business working for private clients and antique dealers. In 1987, I was invited by the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City to develop a course, ‘Restoration of Ceramics’, which I taught for 19 years. Many of my students today own their own restoration businesses or work for other restoration studios and museums. I then taught Hand-crafted jewelry in FIT's School of Continuing and Professional Studies for 10 years. 

In 2006, I opened my own educational studio called The Little Studio, LLC in New York City where I teach several courses privately and work on my own lines of Art Jewelry.

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